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Quality Assurance

Mediflex - Quality Delivered

Our major responsibility as a manufacturer of sophisticated surgical instruments is to ensure consistently high quality products by managing and placing effective quality control mechanisms at each stage of the production.

Quality management being part of our corporate strategy each employee is made to feel part of the quality management system to ensure a sense of belonging and motivation and commitment of the staff.

We always aim to satisfy our customers in a comprehensive and sustainable way and aim to offer the best after sale service and believe our commitment to customers’ starts once the product is sold. . We warrant all surgical instruments with a comprehensive warranty, which covers material defects and workmanship.

Mediflex Instruments are certified by the SGS (UK) in accordance with BS EN ISO 13485 & BS EN ISO 9001 and in accordance with EEC for the CE mark and as part of this certification we regularly audited and required to constantly implement improvements to our Quality Management System.

If you are looking for an instrument manufacturer that understand the international Quality requirements and adheres to them then we look forward to hearing from you on the email below

Should you require any further information about Mediflex, our products and services, please contact us using the contact details given below.

Mediflex (SMC-PVT) Ltd.

Mian Manzil, Roras Road
Sialkot 51310, Pakistan

Telephone: +92 (52) 325 7747

ISO 13485

ISO 9001